This week, Reception had a visit from Zelda the Witch. She noticed that lots of our toys were being broken and she wanted to help us to learn how to share and be kind to each other.

On Tuesday night, Zelda cast a magic spell and locked lots of favourite toys away! She left us a letter, explaining that we had to show her that we could be kind and look after our things. We talked about how we could show Zelda that we were sorry and luckily, after a good day on Wednesday, by Thursday morning she returned lots of our toys!

After completing some special challenges on Thursday morning, Zelda left us a special surprise and gave Miss Edwards some of her magic potion. She also gave us some time to play with the iPads as she was so pleased by what she had seen on her witch camera.

We are continuing to work hard to look after our toys so hopefully, by tomorrow, we will be able to play in all of our favourite areas again!

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