On Monday 29th October, Year Six took part in a Humanities Walk into Whitburn as part of their  History, Geography and RE studies. They looked at buildings in Whitburn that were in place before and during The Second World War, those which had changed function and at some sites where land had been changed specially for the demands of the war.  One such place was the site of the old football ground on Lizard Lane which now has allotments and part of the cemetery on.

The children have also been learning about the features and functions of Churches and had the opportunity to visit our local Parish Church. This helped them to find out about church history- myths and truths. Why not ask your child what they found out? It was very interesting as the whole class paid attention and were extremely well-behaved during the visit. Well done Year Six.

Reverend Davies welcomes Year Six children to Whitburn Parish Church

Lucie models the vestments worn by a priest during the service of Holy Communion

Vaughan models the priest’s vestments worn during an ordinary service.

Alania stands in the pulpit where the priest usually hives their sermon from.

Some of the class stand behind the altar which is used as a special table in the church.

Some of the class kneel at the communion rail where the bread and wine are usually distributed.

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