Our Year Four children started a five-session course at Wilderness School. For the next five Thursdays the class will do their maths English and science lessons outside at Souter.

Today the children took part in a treasure hunt using co-ordinates on  a map to help locate tokens hidden around the Leas and the lighthouse. The children then make smugglers hats and did some written exercises on co-ordinates. They wrote up their experience of the day when they returned.

Searching for clues in the treasure hunt.

Some clues were hidden in the vegetable garden.

Some clues were far off in the distance.

The children did maths work on co-ordinates based on the work done in the treasure hunt.

We checked our scores from the treasure hunt.

If your child came home with a strange hat, then don’t worry: they made their own smugglers hat.

We then walked back to school in the rain – but still had a super time.


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