Year 6 are currently reading a book entitled ‘BOOM’ by Mark Haddon. They are thoroughly enjoying his style of writing and using this as model to encourage them become more inspirational at writing.

Alex was nominated as Child of the Week in Year 6 for her superb piece of writing.

I always hated that balcony. I hated every bit about it. I hated the metal frame. I hated the smell of the cheap burgers sold sixteen storeys below.  I hated that everlasting breeze, chilling you even when the sun was shining. I even hated the children; playing on the streets below, for I was always cooped up like a chicken in the world’s smallest flat, with not even a TV for company. If only dad wasn’t painting, then I’d be sitting on the grass with an ice lolly in my hand, but as he was, I was forced to sit on the most uncomfortable chair, looking down on the flurry of vehicles below.

On that particular day, when the breeze was extra breezy, there was a funny smell in the air. It wasn’t the usual smell of burning petrol, or the burgers foul stench drifting through the air, no, it smelled like something that had never crept up my nostrils, almost as if something bad was going to happen. But I ignored it and went on being bored. The trees, though mightily tall, kept swaying in time with the winds blows. It was like blow, sway, blow, sway and so on. The buildings stood as gigantic as ever; the ants in suits and dresses climbing out of their toy cars and into the box-like towers.

Usually at that time of year the migrating birds flying south would fly in a sort of arrow formation, in time with each other slowly – no bird left behind. But on the day of the incident, they were sprawled out across the blue and white sheet with a lot more urgency about them, and the smallest one trailing the group.

All of a sudden, a siren sounded in the distance. Immediately, a shiny red stolen Porsche came zooming like a rocket from the direction of the siren. It sped past the market, knocking over at least five gadgies with their dogs. Then I knew something bad was going to happening. I could see Elizabeth’s face thousands of times in the back of the car. The siren was getting closer; the Porsche was going faster and faster, until it stopped to a halt at the burger van. He grabbed hundreds of faces then ran towards the building. Then I really panicked.

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