Hi Everyone!

Hope you enjoy tonight’s twist on the traditional tale of Rapunzel.

I have loved seeing your pictures and reading all the comments you have been making on the website. They have made me smile so much.

Until next time 🙂

  1. Ruby loved listening to your bedtime story. I asked ruby if there was anything she would like to say and she said “thank you and that she loves you”

    • M Hanratty

      Ruby, you’ve made my night 😀
      Missing you all, big love and virtual hugs x

  2. Claire and Lana-May

    Lana-May said ‘THANKYOU mrs Hanratty for the princess story. I loved it and miss you, can’t wait for the germs to go so I can come back to school with my friends.’ X x x

  3. Sophie Carter

    Great story Mrs Hanratty… Willow would love to request the Scarecrows Wedding if possible please x

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